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Challenges faced by the Healthcare Industry

Diverse and Complex Patient Base

Since most healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics offer a range of multispecialty services, the patients are spread across a variety of demographics. Healthcare brands need to develop a cross-channel marketing mix to reach out to each of them. With patients also becoming better informed, brands need to focus more on creating interactive content to educate and engage with them.

Developing Personalised Approaches

A general one-size-fits-all marketing approach won’t work effectively for healthcare brands anymore. As patients increasingly begin to use the internet for their healthcare needs , brands and hospitals need to create personalised content to encourage a relationship with them.

Integrating Offline and Online Platforms

With more patients preferring to book appointments online, healthcare services need to be present across a number of digital platforms in order to increase the number of patients actually visiting the center.

Our Solutions

What can we do for you?

Generate High-Quality Leads

Our team of experts deliver high-quality leads of patients for healthcare brands across a number of powerful platforms like Google, Facebook, TrueCaller, Adgebra, Times Internet, Yahoo and more. We create high performing landing pages, which are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) enabled allowed for higher quality leads at a lower cost per appointment.

Leverage Social Media for Brand Building

Our meaningful social media campaigns for healthcare will help your brand build a trustworthy and credible image. Through our personalised strategies, we create emotionally-compelling content that will resonate with your patients. From engaging videos to relevant social media awareness campaigns, we can help build your brand.

Create Powerful Video Content

91% of consumers report watching explainer videos frequently. Our skilled video production team can help hospitals, clinic and healthcare companies take advantage of this opportunity to create informational and engaging content for their patients.

Develop Engaging Multilingual Ads

Your patients are spread across a variety of demographics and so you need to speak to them in the language they are comfortable with. We enables you content to be created and amplified in a number of regional languages to reach a wider audience.

Implement SEO for Organic Traffic

Our team of SEO specialists use a variety of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to drive higher organic traffic to your website. This helps your brand become more discoverable and is crucial to increase conversions.

Inform and Entertain through Content Marketing

Through our research-driven content marketing approach, we can help you build a two-way interactive relationship with your patients through personalised content and establish your brand as a credible industry leader.

Some of our Healthcare Clients

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