Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads display the hotel rates on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, with a direct comparison to the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Google Hotel Ads eliminates the requirement for OTAs such as MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, etc., making it simpler for the hotels to avoid unwanted broker charges and letting the OTAs take credit for your service. Also, this makes you own your customer’s data, enabling you to reach out to them in future. However, if you are still not convinced, then have a look at how this platform works in boosting traffic for your hotel.

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How does Google Hotel Ads work?

  • All you have to do is keep your hotel’s information such as pricing, room types, and availability up-to-date with Google. This helps Google in displaying appropriate ads that potential guests are looking out for comfortable accommodation via Google search engine or Google Maps.
  • Google Hotel Ads displays organic search results that also allows the users to enhance their options by using filters such as the number of guests, dates of stay, hotel rating by previous guests, price range, etc.
  • If the hotel’s specification matches the user’s requirements, then one second is enough for the user to tap your hotel, which brings up details about your hotel such as image gallery, hotel description, and guest reviews. Later, if the user is attracted with the price comparison, the user can click your website link to complete his/her booking.

Benefits of Google Hotel Ads

  • Increased Direct Traffic: As per Google’s statistics, over 55% of business travellers and 60% of leisure travellers are using the search engine to schedule their trips. With such huge numbers, the probability of making the guests stay in your hotel is pretty high, right? Hence, this method significantly improves the flow of qualified leads to your website.
  • Guest Data & Future Relationship: With an increased probability of direct leads and bookings, this makes the existence of no middleman between your guests and the hotel. This enables you to own your guest data, providing you with an opportunity to encourage the relationship even after your guests leave your hotel. With the availability of their contact information, you can directly engage with them through improvised marketing strategies that make them visit your hotel again in future.
  • Enhanced Revenue: Since the relationship between you and your guest is direct, with the non-existence of any middleman or OTA booker, this makes you avoid unwanted broker charges. When a user taps your Hotel Ad, he/she transacts directly with you, leading to an increase in your revenue.

Google Hotel Ads Packages

Google Hotel Ads Package Details Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4 Package 5
Daily Spend Limit (Per Day Budget) ₹ 250 ₹ 350 ₹ 500 ₹ 750 ₹ 1,000
Contract for No. Of Days 30 30 30 30 30
Google Hotel Ads Charges =
(Daily Budget X No. of Days)
₹ 7,500 ₹ 10,500 ₹ 15,000 ₹ 22,500 ₹ 30,000
SERVICE CHARGES ₹ 2,625 ₹ 3,360 ₹ 4,500 ₹ 6,300 ₹ 7,500
GRAND TOTAL ₹ 10,125 ₹ 13,860 ₹ 19,500 ₹ 28,800 ₹ 37,500
GST @ 18% applicable ₹ 1,823 ₹ 2,495 ₹ 3,510 ₹ 5,184 ₹ 6,750
(Calculated For 1 Month)
₹ 11,948 ₹ 16,355 ₹ 23,010 ₹ 33,984 ₹ 44,250
Packages to be taken minimum for Six months
(Calculated For 6 Months)
₹ 71,688 ₹ 98,130 ₹ 1,38,060 ₹ 2,03,904 ₹ 2,65,500
(Calculated For 1 Year)
₹ 1,43,376 ₹ 1,96,260 ₹ 2,76,120 ₹ 4,07,808 ₹ 5,31,000


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